Financial Aid Resource for Ohio Students


    Military Connected Youth

    Microtel Inn Employment Possibility

    Microtel Inn & Suites in Caldwell is willing to work with our high school students to develop employability skills as well as give them practical work experience that is paid. If you’re interested in this opportunity, stop by the hotel and ask for Alecia Boyce or schedule an interview by calling 740-732-4200. 

    CTA Scholarship

    Caldwell Teachers Association is sponsoring a $500 scholarship to a graduating senior that has been accepted into a 2 or 4 year college and have financial need. First consideration will be given to applicants pursuing a degree in education.

    Buckeye Boys State American Legion 

    Buckeye Boys State is an eight-day hands-on experience in the operation of the democratic form of government, the organization of political parties, and the relationship of one to the other in shaping Ohio government.
    Founded in 1936, Buckeye Boys State is the largest Boys State program in the nation with an attendance of over 1,200 young men annually, representing nearly 600 Ohio High Schools, several on-line High Schools, and the Home Schooled Community.
    The American Legion Buckeye Boys State program is sponsored by the Ohio American Legion, the largest veterans organization in the State of Ohio.
    At Boys State, young men learn about city, county, and state government through a non-partisan objective education approach. The young men also form friendships which will last a lifetime!
    Learn more by visiting: http://www.ohiobuckeyeboysstate.com/

    WSCC Practical Nursing Certificate

    WSCC is now offering a Practical nursing certificate to High School Seniors. The student needs to apply in the spring of their junior year. To be eligible, all HS graduation requirements must be met and student must turn 18 by January of senior year. Program beginning in June of senior year and is completed in May of senior year. Upon Completion, student can take the licensure exam to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Program can be completed through College Credit Plus (CCP) at no cost to the student. For more information contact Alicia Warren at (740) 374-8716 ext.1684


    Various Scholarships
    There are several scholarships available online at www.StudentScholarships.org and they have different deadlines and qualifications. Their newsletter is available for download at www.studentscholarships.org/newsletter.php. Copies are also available in Mr. Seebach’s office.

    eTutoring - Free to Students

    I wanted to send a reminder about the eTutoring services that are available free to students. ETutoring is online tutoring through eStudent Services as part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education. There are just over 30 participating schools in the collaborative from across the state of Ohio. Online tutoring is available this spring semester in the following subjects:

    • Mathematics
    • Writing
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Physics
    • Accounting
    • Chemistry
    • Psychology

    Tutoring is offered throughout the week, including evenings and weekends. The schedule is accessible on the main page of Z-Online http://my.zanestate.edu. Students can check when tutors are available and for which subjects. Students can upload writing assignments at any time and tutors respond to those papers when they are available (writing tutors do not meet with students “face-to-face”). There is a step-by-step guide for accessing the site available on Z-Online on the student resources page, academic help tab, under eTutoring.

    If you feel a student may benefit from these services please feel free to refer them. If you or they have any questions about the registration process or using the site they can contact myself or The Learning Center in College Hall room 175. We batch-upload all of our students with accounts at the beginning of the semester. Students have a brief process to complete to confirm their information before they use the site.

    Quality is a high concern to the collaborative. Tutors go through extensive training and regular evaluation to maintain high quality standards.

    Raise.me Scholarship Site

    Raise.me is a scholarship site that offers many scholarships to different schools. Some it their scholarships can be used at any college. They even offer micro-scholarships that are small ones, but it adds up over time. You can create an account as a freshman and earn scholarships through your senior year. Link to invite students: https://www.raise.me/join/2099867545. I hope that this helps on your journey to college.

    www.ohiocareercolleges.org Scholarships 

    There are numerous scholarships that are not based on financial need. You must have a “C” or better average to apply and write a 250 word essay explaining why you want a career in the field you have listed on the application and why you feel you will be successful in this field. There is also a nomination form that has to be completed by your choice of a civic, community or state leader. These scholarships are available for select majors at select colleges. To find out more information please visit www.ohiocareercolleges.org. Mr. Seebach also has copies in his office.


    Parkersburg Area Community Foundation

    The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation has a list of several scholarships available (I know that there a very few that are for Noble County Residents though) You can see a list of available scholarships at: http://www.pacfwv.com/Receive/Scholarships/Scholarship-Form-Resources. The deadlines may vary, so the earlier that you apply the better.

    Waynesburg University Scholarship

    The Jeffrey an Regina Taussig Ohio Honors Scholarship requires a 3.0 GPA and major in Biochemistry, Biology, Biology Education, Chemistry, Chemistry Education, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Science, Marine Biology, Math Education, Mathematics, Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, or Pre-Veterinary. Waynesburg also has several other Achievement Awards that Ohio residents can receive. Information on this scholarship is available online at www.scholarships.waynesburg.edu.

    Consumer Affairs - Best Online Course Sites

    Distinguished Young Women Program 

    In order to participate you must be a female high school senior. Last year over one million dollars in scholarships were available through this program. More information can be found at www.distinguishedyw.org.

    Higher Admission

    Higher Admission is a website that helps you compare costs of attendance for several different colleges. It has nearly 100 colleges in its database. The website is www.higheradmission.com if you want to read more.

    Sherri L. Archer Scholarship

    The Sherri L. Archer scholarship application is in the guidance office.
    This is open to any Caldwell High School graduating senior who has been accepted into a nursing education program.
    Applicants must be planning to attend a 2 or 4 year college or university.
    They must have a 3.2 or higher cumulative high school GPA. This award is for $200. 

    Bob Zide Memorial Scholarship

    Bob Zide Memorial Scholarship- Must reside in Washington or Noble country. Priority to students with a strong commitment to athletics – whether as a team player, equipment or team manager or scorekeeper – and who show leadership in the school community. Minimum 2.0 GPA. Athletes for whom all expenses are covered by other scholarships are not eligible.

    Simonton Windows Scholarship

    Simonton Windows Scholarship- Applicants must be dependent children of employees of Simonton Windows or SimEx. Selection based on financial need, academic achievement, and leadership abilities and activities. Previous recipients of this scholarship may reapply for consideration with new applicants.

    Hino Motors Scholarship

    Hino Motors Scholarship- Must have a 2.5 GPA and a minimum 19 on the ACT. Student must be seeking at least an associates degree in a program related to manufacturing, transportation, logistics/distribution systems (or related program) at an accredited post-secondary institution located in the state of WV or within a 75 mile radius of the Hino manufacturing plant in Williamstown, WV. Selection is based on academic achievement and promise, leadership activities, and interest in the fields of business and manufacturing. Financial need is not primary.

    Student Scholarships

    StudentScholarships.org has been providing scholarship information to students and scholarship management services to companies since 2003.

    StudentScholarships.org takes great pride in helping non-profit organizations and private companies distribute their scholarship information to students across North America. Program design and promotion is our expertise.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools

    The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OACCS) is a statewide association of voluntary membership for non-public, postsecondary private schools and colleges. Ohio has over 275 registered career colleges and schools that are dedicated to preparing students for jobs and careers through certificate, diploma, and degree programs. OACCS members are dedicated to excellence in career education.

    Scholarship Opportunities

    ACT Resources

    - McGraw-Hill Prep Center

    Union Test Prep

    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Essay Scholarship

    The scholarship requires a one to three page essay or poem, play, or short story. 1st place is a $500 cash card, 2nd place is a $250 cash card, and 3rd place is a $100 cash card. The topic is “If you were principal for a day, would you change the lunch menu or the food prices, or would the school day begin later and end earlier? Would you change the course requirements, hire new staff, or build a whole new high-tech building with a game room and widescreen TV?” Details are available online at http://clevelandfed.org/Learning_Center/For_Teache...


    ACT Prep (March 2 Success)

    The Army has set up this March 2 Success program that is a free online prep program. It was created to help you prepare for the ACT/SAT, ASVAB, college placement tests, or a number of other assessments. The web address for this is www.March2Success.com

    Otterbein Scholarships

    If you are interested in attending Otterbein University, there is a list of scholarships offered through them in Mr. Seebach’s office.

    Free ACT Practice

    Sylvan Learning out of Vienna, WV is offering free practice ACT. For this, parents need to contact the center at 304-295-5144. The only information they will need to schedule the free practice test is the students name, date of birth, graduation date, and an email address.

    Career Center at Marietta – Adult Technical Training Scholarship

    If you graduate with at least a 2.5 GPA, you may be eligible to win a scholarship worth 30 percent of your tuition, up to $1,000 total. Go to www.mycareerschool.com and check out their programs. They have several options including cosmetology, heavy equipment operator, crane operator, and truck driving.

    Community Savings Scholarship

    Applications are now available in the guidance office. You must possess a cumulative GPA of 3.0, have scored at least a 21 on the ACT, have taken the college prep track of courses, and you must be a U.S. citizen. Applications accompanied by an official transcript are due at the bank by May 1st. The winner will be paid $300 the first year in college, $400 the second year, $500 the third year, and $600 the fourth year.

    Zane State Academic Award Scholarship

    With the increasing interest of seniors who are considering commuting to Zane State College next year to save money while completing their first two years of college, I want to again advertise their scholarship programs:

    The Academic Award Scholarship

    If you graduate with at least a 3.0 overall GPA and you have at least a 21 composite score on your ACT, you may apply for this full-tuition scholarship.

    Appalachian Community Action Scholarship Fund

    In order to apply, your family must fall within the 2013 Federal Poverty Guidelines for Ohio. You can pick up a chart of those income guidelines in the guidance office along with a copy of the application. If you have any questions about the amount you may receive, you can email Allysa Medford at amedfford@coadinc.org.

    Interested in attending a Christian College?

    Go to www.ChristianConnector.com for information on colleges and scholarship opportunities.

    The William D. Squires Scholarship

    Fifteen scholarships will be awarded in Ohio based on financial need. Once you get the results of your FAFSA (the financial aid form), you will know whether or not you qualify. Flyers are available in the guidance office with further details.

    The Caldwell Honors for Students Book Grant

    Applications are now available in the guidance office. The number of $150 awards given will depend upon the availability of funds. Last year, the organization was able to pay all the applicants. If they are unable to do so this year, the winners will be selected via a random drawing.

    Robert E. Evans Education Fund

    Peoples Bank has contacted me saying that no onefrom our area applied last year, so if you are pursuing a 4-year degree in any area of business or liberal arts, please apply. You must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher and have financial need. (I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have financial need!)


    Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

    Go to www.appalachianohio.org and sign up for The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio newsletter to receive scholarship information. You may browse through their list by clicking on the links on the left side of the page.

    The Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools Scholarship Program

    Go to www.ohiocareercolleges.org to see if you are interested in any of the schools and/or programs in this association. The scholarship money is outstanding if you can find a match. They do not require “financial need” and the GPA cut off is only a C (2.0) average. You can find all the information and applications on this site. Just click on the “scholarship” header at the top of the page.

    If you apply, make sure you give the completed application to Mrs. Podlasiak. She will mail the proper forms with your applicaton(s), including the ones that require a nomination by a state senator and state representative. You will need to fill out an application for each separate scholarship that you are pursuing.

    (Mrs. Podlasiak has a limited number of applications and lists of scholarships in her office. First come, first serve. You may also get this information from their website.)


    Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program

    If you are interested in an Air Force Scholarship while in college, go to www.afrotc.com and explore their website for eligibility and application requirements. You will find the actual application at www.afrotc.com/scholarships/highschool

    The Professional Engineering Scholarship Program

    These scholarships are offered to outstanding high school students throughout Ohio who desire careers in engineering. The scholarships are sponsored by the Engineers Foundation of Ohio (EFO) in conjunction with the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE).

    To be eligible for these scholarships, you must have at least a 3.0 overall GPA, have received at least a 29 on an ACT math test and at least a 25 on English.

    Additional criteria is specified for some scholarships. Please read each description carefully. To receive the link to apply, please email Mrs. Podlasiak at mpodlasiak@caldwell.k12.oh.us.

    What is Upward Bound?

    The Upward Bound College Prep Academy provides academic, social, cultural, recreational, and counseling services in order to provide students with the skills, motivation, and self-confidence necessary for success in college. During the school year, students will be able to receive tutoring and learn study skills when representatives visit our school. Students will take field trips that are either cultural or recreational, and they will be able to take part in a six-week program while living at Marietta College. To qualify, you must meet one of two criteria: Neither of your parents graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree, or, your family’s income does not exceed the federal guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education.

    Belmont College - CDL License

    Belmont College in St. Clairsville now has a program to get your CDL license if you would like to become a truck driver.

    Online FAFSA Resources

    If you would rather not attend a financial aid meeting, you may be able to obtain the information you need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) through the following social media sites:

    You Tube: www.YouTube.com/FederalStudentAid

    Twitter: www.Twitter.com/FAFSA

    Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FederalStudentAid

    I have also been able to find clear explanations just by googling a topic. For example, “FAFSA, divorced and remarried,” will bring up information about how to report your income if you are divorced and remarried.

    Free Flashcards

    Want to catch up, get ahead, get smarter, get faster, etc.? Try the free flashcards at www.freeworldu.org. Click on “flashcard index” near the top right-hand side of the screen, and then click on the vertical bar beside “high school.” All subjects by grade will pop up. This site may be more manageable for underclassmen who are not ready to conquer the “ACT Question of the Day.”


    Stop by the guidance office and pick up a flyer about Student Scholarships.org, another resource for your scholarship search. (You can also download one at www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship.php.) You’ll at least want to apply for the $500 “Ten Words or Less Scholarship” while you’re horsing around on facebook.

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid

    I have enough money saved for college,” said no one ever!

    Seniors & senior parents: Have you ever heard of the FAFSA? This is an acronym for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is the form you need to fill out after you’ve done your taxes to qualify for grants and loans. Even if you think you will use other sources to pay for college, you will need to fill it out if you are seeking scholarship money from the college itself. There are also a few scholarships that ask for a copy of this form before you can receive the money.