Caldwell Honors for Students

March 11, 2019 (snow date on 4th)

Attending: President Schehl, VP Gaydos, GC Seebach, Treasurer Hall, Secretary Snyder

Minutes: read by group & approved

Treasurer’s Report: paid $500 Teacher Grant to John Crum for art project supplies, $.21+ $.21 Interest, paid one book reimbursement to Mariah Ackley, $305 deposit from 3 $100 donations from Peoples, Colegate and Noble County Farm Bureau and $5 John Crum, a new deposit $210 to be made from donations- Beth & Vickie’s dues and in Memory of Brad and Anita Riddle for $200 with a request of a Book Reimbursement in their names.

Administrative Report:

Start testing next month, Juniors took ACT end of February, state renewed Alternative Pathways to Graduation

Old Business:

Membership Drive – update member list with new dues payments, so far down $2,740 from last year’s total

New Business:

Book Reimbursement Process – Sec to email the forms to GC to promote the book reimbursements

GC Seebach suggested our group create a display for Freshmen Orientation to promote our organization

Yearbook AD - $40, yearbook staff provided a markup of what has been put in before, our group marked off list items that the group isn’t covering now and asked to add on “National Honor Society National Dues” – Justin moved, Vickie seconded to pay for the new ad

National Honor Society Dues: $385 paid to their organization for 2019/20 dues- Martin moved, Vickie seconded

Resending brochures to several that we normally hear from and didn’t this year to see if we can get more donors- our only fundraiser was down considerably- Secretary printed labels for “Friends of CHS” list that aren’t businesses as that list was forgotten in November- this should all help in bringing in more money for our organization.

Action Items:

Sec to email Book reimbursement forms to Guidance Counselor

Next Meeting: May 6, 5:30