School Profile

Curriculum Features
Caldwell High School offers a broad and varied academic curriculum. In addition to regular courses, College Prep (CP) courses are offered in the content areas. There are also special provisions for learning disabled and developmentally handicapped students.

CHS offers six Career Pathways (career clusters) programs in Industrial & Engineering, Business& Management, Arts & Communications, Health Services, Human Service and Vocational Agriculture. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the “Pathways to Teaching” program as well.

Accelerated courses at the university level are available to eligible students. Students can study subject areas that are not offered at Caldwell High School at our local colleges and universities. These Post-Secondary Educational Options are indicated on the transcript as “PS: Course Name” and converted to Carnegie units.


  • The CHS community will teach academic skills necessary to participate in society.
  • The CHS community will foster social skills necessary to participate in society.
  • The CHS community will encourage the practice of mutual respect.
  • The CHS community will promote communication among its members.
  • The CHS community will provide an atmosphere that is clean and safe.
  • The CHS community will teach the skills necessary to meet technological challenges.

Caldwell High received an Effective rating from the Ohio Department of Education on their State Report Card.

The rating system is in compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) under performance accountability for school districts and school buildings. Caldwell High School met 11 of 12 of the state indicators in meeting the requirements for an Excellent Rating,

Caldwell joined the High Schools That Work (HSTW) initiative four years ago in efforts to increase student academic performance. HSTW is the nation’s first large-scale school-improvement model that engages state, district and school leaders and teachers in partnership with students, parents and community to improve the way all high school students prepare for work and further education. CHS’s scores on the HSTW Assessment were in the upper percentile which identifies us as A High Performing School.

Caldwell’s success and vision can be noted by the following results: students ACT scores match the state average and surpassed the national average, by the fall of 2005 all freshmen will have Algebra 1, implemented an In-School tutoring program (Success Academy) for extra help for freshman, eliminated the general education track (now college prep or career technical), limited students to one study hall per day, and increased the number of course offerings.

School and Community Facts

CHS is one of two public high schools in Noble County and the only high school in the Caldwell Exempted Village School District. The district serves approximately 1050 students.

Caldwell High School has an enrollment of 337 students in grades 9-12, Nearly 90 students attend school at one of the Mid-East Ohio Career and Technical Centers campuses (Buffalo or Zanesville).

CHS is in the third year of membership with the Ohio High Schools That Work. Approximately 73% of the graduates attend a 4-year college or 2-year technical school or college.

Marking System and Related Procedures

Letter Percent
A 92—100
B 83—91
C 74—82
D 65—73
F 0—64

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-two (22) credits are required for graduation through 2007. The following credits are included in these requirements:

English 4 Credits
Reading (Class of 2007) ½
Social Studies 4 Credits
American Studies 1 Credit
World History/World Geography 1 Credit
American History 1 Credit
Democracy 1 Credit
Science 3 Credits
Biology 1 Credit
Physical Science 1 Credit
Mathematics 3 Credits
Health & Physical Education 1 Credit
Business/Technology, Foreign Language, or Fine Arts 1 Credit
Career Options/Life Planning ½ Credit

Career Pathways 1 Credit