Honors for Students Organization


On January 10, 1995, the organization known as Caldwell Honors for Students Organization was formed. The founding premise of this organization was to recognize and reward those students who exhibited excellence in academics, perfect attendance, or outstanding participation within the school and community.

Caldwell Honors for Students invites everyone to attend their board meetings held on the 5:30 PM at the high school on the first Monday of every other month during the school year- on days that school is in session – moving to the second Monday if it falls on a holiday.

If you are interested in recognizing and rewarding academic achievement, this organization is for you! Step up to the plate and get involved in paying it forward.

Since its formation, the organization has collected and disbursed $50,550.00 paid directly to graduates for continuing education books/materials/supplies and over $8,000.00 paid to teachers for classroom materials.

With these funds the organization offers to provide:

  • Academic Letters and Bars

  • Book Reimbursement Awards

  • Teacher Grants

  • Student Project Reimbursements

  • Student of the Grading Period Awards

  • Student Testing Fees

We deeply appreciate your past and continued financial support. However, your active support is a necessary ingredient to keep the process moving forward. You are needed to actively participate in this organization in order to keep this hope alive for the future benefit of the young people of Caldwell High School. By attending meetings, you can not only give of your time, but direct input for future direction and accomplishments of the Organization and our students.

Your help is needed, and your involvement is encouraged!

There are even more ideas, programs, and means for honoring deserving students. Your personal commitment to attend meetings or direct involvement on a steering committee will also be a rewarding experience. Want to get involved? Contact a member of the Executive Committee listed below or call the high school and speak with our administration: 740-732-5634.

Awards available to students

The Academic Letter: The letter is similar to that earned for athletic performance, but unique to the Caldwell Honors for Students Organization.

  • Students must be enrolled full-time.

  • Freshmen must earn at least a 3.3 grade point average for the first 3 grading periods in high school.

  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors must earn a 3.3 grade point average for the current school year which will also include the last grading period of the previous school year.

Consideration is given to students attending Caldwell High School as well as affiliated career centers and post-secondary schools.

Student of the Grading Period: Students are nominated for this award by the faculty each grading period for academic achievement or improvement, school involvement, or effort for the benefit of fellow students. Grade point average is not a factor to be considered. Financial Assistance: As monies allow, the Organization will make available forms of financial award to students.


Brochure/Membership Form

Meeting Minutes Archive

Thank you to our members!

Executive Committee and Officers:

President: Allan Schehl

Vice President:

Secretary: Vickie Snyder

Treasurer: Martin Hall